Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


The first meeting of the members of the Association of Consulting Companies (ASCONCO) for the year of 2013 took place on March 14.

In view of uncertainty and instability of the economic situation in Russia and throughout the world in whole and toughened conditions of conducting business in Russia, the clients are addressing themselves to the consultants more often asking such a question as “What will there be?”. Trying to answer such a complicated question, the consultants discussed the major trends in economics. Among those trends there are higher level of uncertainty and instability for medium business, reduction of money supply and higher prices despite no landslide of prices for petroleum and many others. As for positive tendencies, the consultants mentioned by common consent appearance of businessmen of a new generation in the market who are coming to take the place of the pioneers of the Russian business of the 1990-s.

Finally, the participants discussed the phenomenon of Interim consulting, which is widely spread in the West and is quite rare in Russia due to the peculiarities of conditions and level of development of the Russian business.

In the course of the meeting the participants also shared the news of their own companies, of the consulting market as well as of the client market. They discussed the work of the Association and took several important internal decisions.



















Dear Friends, Thank you for the pleasant message you have sent me and the beautiful picture. Me and Management Consultancies Chamber of Slovenia wishes you all the business prosperity and personal happiness in year 2013.

Cordially, Dusan Stopar.