Goals and Activities

The main goals of constitution of ASCONCO are as follows:

- to establish self-regulatory community of Russian consulting companies on the base of high professional and ethic standards, principles of fair practice, cooperation and fair competition. Those will guarantee high quality of consulting services and reputation of members of the community;

- to contribute to development in the Russian Federation of open and competitive market of consulting services, meeting qualified demand from the side of business, society, local governments and state institutions;

- to integrate Russian market of consulting services into regional and global markets.

ASCONCO’s objections are as follows:

- to concentrate intellectual, organizational, financial and other resources of the Association members for achievement of planned goals;

- to learn and generalize working experience of ASCONCO’s members and other Russian consulting market participants; to create information data bases and knowledge bases;

- to improve professional and managerial level of ASCONCO’s members and other Russian consulting market participants;

- to defend rights and legal interests of ASCONCO’s members, to represent their interests in their relationship with the third parties;

- to provide informational, organizational, methodological, technological, academic and research, legal and other support to members of ASCONCO;

- to develop professional and ethic standards for providing consulting services in Russia; to adjust them in accordance with international standards.;

- to promote principles and methods of providing consulting services; to spread Russian and foreign experience of consulting activities;

- to contribute to creation of new jobs and increase of employment; to development of professional training and retraining systems for personnel working in the field of consulting;

- to organize and conduct business meetings, round tables, presentations, seminars, conferences and other public events devoted to actual questions of consulting activities;

- to participate in publishing of learning, methodological, academic and research, informational materials relating to goals, tasks and objectives of ASCONCO;

- to develop, organize and finance target programs, which serve the purposes of the Association;

- to participate in implementing of target programs, projects and events, which serve the purposes of the Association;

- to develop cooperation and partnership with other alliances of consulting companies and their members in Russia and abroad; to participate in international alliances and associations of consulting companies;

- to develop and contribute into the legislative and administrative institutions of RF of suggestions targeted at increasing of efficiency of enterprises and organizations with different forms of ownership; at development and enhancement of consulting support to management and economy;

- leading other activities, which do not contradict to the goals of the Association and to the legislation of Russian Federation.