Association of Russian consulting companies (ASCONCO)

Association of Russian consulting companies (ASCONCO) is a goodwill alliance of consulting companies, which consolidate their resources in order to form a civil consulting market in Russian Federation. Members of ASCONCO realize, that leading of effective consulting business in a highly fragmented market with extremely low entry level is a difficult task. That is why our aim is that ASCONCO will become a brand associated with high quality of consulting services.

That is the reason, on the one hand, for rather tough requirements which potential members of ASCONCO have to meet: the companies must have been working at the consulting market for at least 3 years and possess stable professional reputation.

On the other hand, ASCONCO permanently conducts work targeted at joining to European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO). As a consequence, ASCONCO’s members in their activities oblige to follow ethic and professional standards of our European colleagues. It will help them to develop image of responsible and sustainable partner in business interactions at the Russian market.

For the same purposes ASCONCO strives to protect interests of developing consulting market at all available levels, including public administration.

To perform this mission ASCONCO leads major internal work. The members of ASCONCO regularly meet at seminars and conferences, where they have chance to exchange their professional experience. They also have possibility to get involved into FEACO’s activities and to use working experience of their Russian and international colleagues. ASCONCO establishes intensive information exchange between its members both with internal and external consulting news.

The strong point of ASCONCO is striving for maximum professional diversity and wide regional representation of its members. Specialization of ASCONCO’s members in a wide range of consulting activities provides a unique possibility to create partner’s alliances and to integrate possibilities of different companies in realization of extensional and complex consulting projects.

Nevertheless, ASCONCO’s doors are open for all the companies that are ready to take part in its activities. The two key conditions of membership are sufficient professional level and readiness to observe professional ethic rules. We will be glad to meet you among the members of ASCONCO!