September, 16, in St. Petersburg, annual ASCONCO conference was held. Traditionally it was combined with a cruise along the rivers and channels of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and in the world.
The conference participants discussed news of their companies, as well as the situation at the customers markets and at the Russian consulting market.
Then ASCONCO’s Presidium members presented the draft of professional standards for management consultants, based on the example developed by the EU Committee for Standardization and gave their comments. After lively discussion the participants took decision to accept the principles enunciated in the EU Committee’s document and to accede to them, but noted that the necessity
in refining the project and adapting it to Russian realities is also obvious.
A. Pechersky, CEO of ALT, conducted a round table "Selling experiments", dedicated to the techniques of selling consulting projects. All the parties involved in a
sprightly discussion of so exciting theme, everybody recalled his own cases and shared his experience with the others.
In conclusion, V. Sokratilin, Executive Director of the "Reshenie", made a report "Social situation in Russia", based on public opinion research conducted in several regions.
The conference ended with a fourchette, during which participants had the opportunity to exchange views and discuss particular issues in an informal atmosphere.