Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

Dear friend,

We wish health, luck  and success to you and your relatives, as well as stability and prosperity to your business!

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

ASCONCO Association of Russian consulting companies

New Year is a reason for summing up all business activities during the expiring year.

Coming New Year is always not only an occasion to buy presents for relatives and friends,  it is also a reason for summing up all business activities during the expiring year. ASCONCO’s partners from Slovenia and Japan has already done this.

Our colleagues from Management Consultancies Chamber of Slovenia have organized a number of successful events: internal meetings, lectures for client businesses and for business consultants, the Association awards, international talks and other activities important for non-profit entity.

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), our Japan partners, are proud of their international training activities. In 2012 they led trainings for international teams from Mongolia, India, Columbia and other countries and cities. Besides in 2012 the JICA team started issuing Asia Business Email Newsletter for domestic and Asian companies.

In 2013 we are planning to inform you about the most important and interesting developments from our international colleagues practice.

ASCONCO electronic reference book started its work at the Association site

A long-awaited event happened: the ASCONCO electronic reference book became available in the real-time operation mode.  

The reference book will allow all people concerned including the clients, the colleagues, the journalists and many others to select quickly the provider of consulting service by way of receiving the references of the colleagues about the quality of his work or to estimate the number of offers on this or that product. You know, under existing conditions of strong geographical and informational fragmentation of the market, it is hard to orientate oneself even for the colleagues-consultants.

We invite all colleagues to join the ASCONCO initiative and to start together to form a civilized consulting market of the Russian Federation.


The annual meeting of the Association of Consulting Companies “ASCONCO” took place in St. Petersburg on September 07, 2012.

By tradition, the meeting took place on board. This time it couldn’t do without incidents. As there was much water in the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg on the meeting day, the ship couldn’t approach the appointed assembly point since it couldn’t pass under some of the bridges due to its overall dimensions. Finally, the participants were forced to reach it on a smaller vessel and those who were late had to go on foot and to get landed right from the embankment onto the deck!

Traditionally, the participants shared the news of their companies and exchanged their thoughts about the current state and the prospects of development of the consulting market and about the economic situation in Russia and in the world.

Those present took part in the round table devoted to “Partnership in a consulting company” with great interest. They discussed the aims of introduction of the institute of partnership, the companies and cases in which it is reasonable to establish it, the mechanisms of inclusion of new members into the list of partners, the rights and obligations of the partners etc.

The most important point of the meeting was election of the President of the Association that was carried out in the form of direct vote of the participants (both face voting and absentee voting). The participants could vote for one of the three nominated candidates. As a result of voting, Yevgeniy Nikolayevitch Yemeliyanov, the President of STEP Consulting, was elected again as the President of the Association of Consulting Companies “ASCONCO” by a majority vote.

After the meeting there was a stand-up party and a row along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. The participants were given the opportunity to discuss remaining questions in informal conditions or to listen to a captivating excursion devoted to the history of the city and to certain historical buildings that was led by Vladimir Sokratilin, the CEO of “Resheniye” Company (St. Petersburg).

ASCONCO: at YouTube

ASCONCO keeps on integrating into social networks. Now it is possible not only to read the articles of ASCONCO members but also to see them themselves at the YouTube.

Now “ASCONCO” channel shows videos of three companies which are members of the Association. Those are STEP Consulting, “Resheniye” Company and “SQI management”; all in all there are 13 movies. We hope that their number will increase in the near future. We invite you to watch the reels, to vote for them and to comment on what you’ve seen.